Resale Documents

Selling your house?

CondoCerts is an Internet utility developed to simplify the process of obtaining and delivering the required Maryland Homeowners Association Acts "Resale Disclosure Packet" (resale package) - that includes a Covenants Compliance Inspection - be provided to the prospective purchaser. The Packet, which must be provided to the buyers within 25 days of signing a contract of sale, provides the status of assessments, states whether there are any violations involving the home, and provides the Governing Documents of the Conservancy. The Resale Disclosure Packet must be requested by the seller or the seller's agent, and the appropriate fee must be paid in advance. This Package is good for 60 days.

How does the CondoCerts System Work?

For first time users sign up with CondoCerts in the following manner:

1. Go to the web-site
2. Follow the links to register.
3. Write down the user ID and password you chose.
4. CondoCerts will contact you to verify your information and activate your account

To obtain this required information once your account has been activated, please perform the following:

1. Go to the web-site
2. Click on the "login" button and follow the instructions.
3. Type in the name of the association. You can abbreviate the name; as an example "harbor" for Harbor Point Condo Association. This will widen the search but you can then select the      Association.
4. Entering the City where the association is located is required. An * for the city will search that entire state. Entering the State is required.
5. This will bring you to a screen that will enable you to choose the type of product you require * Resale Disclosure Package.
6. Enter all necessary information on the form.

When requesting a Resale Disclosure Package you will be notified a few days later via email that your request is completed. After notification that your request is complete, return to, login, and click on the Retrieve Completed button, and your order with any documents can be immediately printed or downloaded to your PC.

If you have any questions regarding the above please contact CondoCerts at (800) 310-6552.

Thank you for utilizing this important tool.